PiYo - An Excellent Low-Impact Exercise Routine for Optimal Health!

What is PiYo?

PiYo uses just your own bodyweight and the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates combined with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga (no running, no jumping, no weights)! PiYo workouts don’t make you hold poses, or have you perform dozens of repetitive movements. Instead, PiYo leads you through flowing, low-impact movement sequences that burns serious calories while simultaneously lengthening and toning your muscles and increasing your flexibility! You will enjoy your exercise, burn excess fat, sculpt and define your whole body, all without any type of high-impact activity.

PiYo Provides

Pilates Image

The Muscle Sculpting of Pilates

The Flexibility of Yoga

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Nonstop, Fluid Movement

Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. Pilates is named for its creator, Joseph Pilates, who developed the exercises in the 1920s. Pilates exercises are frequently recommended to help prevent and decrease back pain, including low back pain.

Yoga postures work muscles in two ways. The muscles doing the work get stronger by moving through a range of motion while supporting the weight of the body. Other poses, such as the triangle pose, strengthen muscles by engaging them for balance and support.

PiYo combines the benefits of both Pilates and Yoga, along with fluid motion, to provide an unparalleled low-impact exercise routine. Consistently practiced, you will experience dramatic health and body improvements! Guys, don’t think it’s not you you too. Try it and find out for yourself the kind of full body workout PiYo can provide! For an idea of what PiYo is and how it works, please watch the six minute YouTube video below as demonstrated by Chalene Johnson.

Click the Chalene Johnson PiYo video link below to preview a six minute segment demonstrating PiYo.

You can find PiYo exercise classes in local fitness gyms near you. Or, you can purchase PiYo DVDs to follow along with in the comfort of your home. PiYo® by Beachbody, led by Chalene Johnson, is a DVD set that can be purchased inexpensively and will likely be one of the best health investments you can make in yourself!

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1. Be mindful of your current fitness level and don’t overdo it when you first begin.
2. You would be wise to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program to make sure you are safe to tax your
body with such an exercise routine. Your doctor’s advise is important to heed as well!

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