Articles in our MIND category have to do with The Power of Positive Thinking and Visualization, Hypnosis, New Age Thought, Psychic and Superhuman Abilities, Remote Viewing, and other related topics. Below are our articles with brief descriptions of the article topic. To learn more, please click on the article link to take you to the full page of the article.

  1. Neville Goddard — The Law of Consciousness. You can manifest what you desire by relaxing the body and visualizing your desire fulfilled. Read this article to learn Neville’s unhidden secrets.

  2. Dolores Cannon — Author and Hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon was the accumulator of “lost knowledge.” Her books span the topics of: Past lives; Instantaneous Healing (QHHT); the Subconscious Mind, Parallel Universes, Alternative Realities, Lost Civilizations, Lives as ETs, Beings of Light and Energy, and most fascinating, the story of Earth’s Ascension. Dolores Cannon is incredibly enlightening!


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