Designed by a team in Denmark, the Me-Mover is a three wheeled outdoor stepper bike that is ideal for fitness, rehabilitation, and recreation. It can provide a high-intensity workout with ultra-low impact on your joints. With the wind in your face, and the outdoors to view while riding, you will have FUN even while giving yourself a killer workout if you want to. 

Watch the video

Find out what the Me-Mover is all about. See it in action. Pure fun for recreational use! Killer workout machine for fitness workouts!

In a nutshell, the Me-Mover is:

  • 100% Human Powered.
  • Great for training and suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Joint Friendly — Low impact exercise that strengthens the core, back, knees, and ankles.
  • Works six of the eight major muscle groups simultaneously.
  • Is fun to ride for both low and high intensity workouts.
  • Foldable for easy storage and transportation, and only weighs about 45 pounds.
  • You stand upright, in an ergonomically correct position when riding, which is more gentle on the back and neck than is cycling.
  • You will be excited to exercise and train because above all, it’s FUN!

How to Ride the Me-Mover

This video will show how to adjust the Me-Mover and properly prepare to ride.

The Me-Mover is also ideal for cruising around, getting between classes on college campuses, or
travel between buildings at large company complexes. It is a great way to get where you need to go
quickly, with the added benefit of having some fun and getting exercise.

Me-Mover Performance

  1. Speed: 0-25 km/h (0-15.5 mph), cruising speed of 9-12 mph, sprinting speed of about 18 mph

  2. Recommended Riding Terrain: Flat or easy hills. Asphalt or other firm surfaces. Not good in sand, mud, or loose gravel.

  3. Inbuilt Variable Gearing: Based on pedal stroke (heavy gearing at the bottom of the pedal stroke, and light gearing at the top of the pedal stroke).

Me-Mover Dimensions

  1. Unfolded: 42 in x 46 in x 23 in

  2. Folded: 51 in x 19 in x 23 in

  3. Weight: About 45 pounds.

Get Fit!  Get Strong!  Have Fun!

Where to learn more and purchase your Me-Mover, click here.

Remember to always wear a helmet when riding!

Personal Evaluation:

As an owner and user of the Me-Mover, my unbiased opinion of the Me-Mover is as follows: The Me- Mover is indeed portable and easily fits in my SUV folded up. With the back seat folded down, I can actually fit two Me-Movers side by side in the car. Putting in the locking bolt and safety pin is easy, and I’m off and riding in no time. I prefer to ride on paved trails and roads, although packed dirt and other firm surfaces are good too. My favorite place to bike is in a large city park where I live with little access to cars — just lots of other pedestrians and cyclers. The Me-Mover is really fun to ride and it does give you a lot of exercise if you push yourself. It will get you into shape! I find I can keep up with the average bicycler, but more serious cyclers can definitely maintain a speed I cannot. Having been a cycler before too, I’ve found the Me-Mover to be a little harder than a bike on gradual up-hill climbs, but no harder than a bicycle on flatter terrain. Steeper hill inclines are pretty hard on a bicycle, but even harder on the Me-Mover, and I avoid them. It is most practical for flatter areas with gradual inclines. In most urban areas, this is the case. All in all, the Me-Mover is great, and I really love my Me-Mover!

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