Life After Death and Near Death Experiences (NDE)

It is an age old question — “What happens to us after we die?” There are many very good books on this topic by quite a variety of authors, but some of the best and most thought provoking are by Dr. Raymond Moody, Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss, and neurosurgeon, Dr.Eban Alexander. Each has a story to tell. Dannion Brinkley and Dr. Eban Alexander both have their own personal near-death experience (NDE) to share. These are the books we recommend reading to get an objective view of the topic from several different perspectives.

Robert Blair's - The Soul Hovering Over the Body

Dr. Raymond Moody:

Dr. Raymond Moody’s 1975 book, “Life After Life,” on life after death and near-death experiences was a best seller. A pioneer in the investigation of near-death experiences (NDE), he was well qualified for the task having in his possession a PhD in philosophy (1969), a PhD in psychology, and an M.D. in 1976 from the Medical College of Georgia. After obtaining his M.D., Dr. Moody worked as a forensic psychiatrist in a maximum security Georgia state hospital.

Dr. Moody became interested in what people experienced in their NDEs as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia in 1965 when he met psychiatrist, Dr. George Ritchie. Dr. Ritchie related his incident and journey into the afterlife while clinically dead for nearly nine minutes at the age of 20 which put Dr. Moody on his path of discovery. Moody subsequently began documenting similar NDE accounts of others who had experienced clinical death. Many, he found, experienced common elements of: a strange sound; peace and painlessness; the feeling of being out of one’s body; the sensation of traveling through a tunnel; encountering dead relatives; encountering a very bright light or being of light; having a life review of every act they have ever had with other people; and a reluctance to return to their body.

The “Being of Light” is what Dr. Moody says is the most incredible common element in the accounts he has studied. It also had the most profound effect on the individuals sharing their experiences. Typically, at its first appearance in the accounts, this light is described as dim. But, it rapidly get brighter and brighter in brillance. The light is usually described as “white” or “clear,” but of an indescribable brillance. He goes on to say that not one person has related any doubt that it was a being, a being of light. A personal being with a very definite personality who emanates pure love and warmth. All sense an irresistable magnetic attraction to this being of light.

Dr. Moody claims to have spoken with over one thousand people who have had these experiences. Based on these cases, he has stated that he has great confidence of a life after death. A very interesting read on all of the anecdotal accounts of the afterlife related by people who were revived after having briefly clinically died can be found in Dr. Moody’s book, “Life After Life.” Get a copy of this best seller!

Light at End of Tunnel
Light at End of Tunnel

Dr. Eban Alexander

Probably one of the most convincing cases of the near-death experiences (NDE) that we have read is that of neurosurgeon Dr. Eban Alexander. In 2008, Dr. Alexander, became ill and was hospitalized. A CT scan of his head showed the meningeal lining of his brain to be dangerously swollen and inflamed. He was diagnosed with acute gram-negative bacterial meningitis and was experiencing rapid neurological decline. In short, his entire neocortex, the outer surface of the brain, the part that makes us human, was shut down. Inoperative and absent. At the time he was admitted into the ER with this affliction, his chances of survival were only about 10 percent.

In the hospital, the doctors administered doses of three powerful intravenous antibiotics in order to combat the illness. If these did not work, his chances of recovery would just continue to decline over several days with death an absolute outcome. It began here in the hospital, over the course of the next seven days, that Dr. Alexander would undergo his life changing near-death experience.

What is most interesting about reading of Dr. Alexander’s NDE experience is not only what he related of the experience, but of his own expert physical assessment of his condition following his recovery. Based on his medical expertise, Dr. Alexander basically states that he was medically brain dead during his ordeal. But, somehow, he managed to recover and recall his NDE in great detail. From this out-of-body and near-death experience, Dr. Alexander asserted that consciousness is independent of the brain and that death is a transition phase into another realm of being. He commented that, “the current understanding of the mind now lies broken at our feet” — for “what happened to me destroyed it, and I intend to spend the rest of my life investigating the true nature of consciousness and making the fact that we are more, much more, than our physical brains as clear as I can, both to my fellow scientists and to people at large.”

Dr. Alexander authored a semi-autobiographical book on his experience titled “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.” It is a fascinating book and story, that ends with a validating twist confirming his incredible experience. Get a copy of this most incredible story!



Other books authored by Dr. Eban Alexander include:

Dannion Brinkley:

Dannion Brinkley said he had been struck by lightning and was clinically dead for about twenty-eight minutes. He told of experiencing a dark tunnel, a crystal city, and a “cathedral of knowledge” where thirteen angels told him of future events.  This was not his only NDE experience, as he says he’s had three separate near-death experiences (NDEs) in his life so far. His books, and lectures have transformed the consciousness of many people concerning life after death, and how we are to conduct our lives while alive in the physical world.

According to Dannion, in 1975 he experienced his first NDE during a thunderstorm. While talking on the phone, a bolt of lightning hit the phone line electrocuting him. Discovered by his girl-friend, paramedics were summonded. He recalls being disoriented, and observing the scene in his “out of body” spirit-form. With doctors pronouncing him dead at the local hospital, he recounts traveling through a dark tunnel toward an angelic being who led him into a “crystal city.” Therein, was a “cathedral of knowledge” where he was shown 13 visions contained in “boxes.” These beings of light also showed him 117 glimpses of possible future events, of which he says 95 have come to pass as of 1998. During his NDE Brinkley also described a life review. He himself said he had not been a very nice person and was shown the hurt he had inflicted on others. This, he said, made him shameful and aware of the need to become a better person which he did on his return to the physical. His extraordinary experience is detailed in his 1995 book, “Saved by the Light.”

His second NDE encounter a few years later, with angelic teachers, revealed he was to help the dying. Another book, “At Peace in the Light,” was published. He later began hospice work with veterans and established his nonprofit organization, ‘The Twilight Brigade’ that trains volunteers to be at the bedside of our nation’s veterans.

In the fall of 1997, Dannion was hospitalized with life threatening brain aneurysms from which he miraculously survived. It was at this time he experienced his third NDE.

All three of Dannion’s books are best sellers. Dannion has interesting experiences to relate and plenty of good spiritual advice. Be sure to read his books!

Dr. Michael Newton

Michael Newton, Ph.D was the founder of The Newton Institue for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. He held a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and was a Master Hypnotherapist. He was considered an investigative pioneer about life after death through the use of hypnotic regression. Dr. Newton, the author of several incredible books, was born in 1931 and passed away in 2016.

What is Past Life Regression:

When Dr. Newton began regressing his clients back in time to memories of former lives, he discovered that it was possible to see into the spirit world through subjects in a hypnotized or superconscious state. He also found that these clients could relate what their soul was doing between lives on Earth.

In past life regression hypnosis, facilitators guide the client step by step from early memories in their present life, through experiences gained in past lives, and also into exploration of the life-between-lives — the spiritual home of the soul. Utilizing past life regression offers the opportunity to explore agreements, contracts, and relationships made with other souls in previous lives. Doing so can provide insight into the roots of current habitual behaviors and knowing this, can lead to a resolution of such behaviors. Dr. Newton trained many facilitators in his techniques of past life regression.

Dr. Newton’s Books:

Michael’s first book, “Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives,” was published in 1994. This book presents ten years of his research and findings. From these insights, he hoped to help people understand the purpose behind their life choices. He also wanted to convey how and why our soul, as well as those we love, lives eternally. In the 29 cases recounted, are those of the very religious, the spiritually noncommitted, as well as those somewhere inbetween. You can take this information to help you understand the purpose behind your life choices and to realize why we really never die.

Michael’s second book, “Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives,” was published in 2000. In this book, Dr. Newton presents the case histories of 70 more people who were regressed into their lives between lives. The book discusses the topics of soul mates and spirit guides, where souls go after death, soul travel between lives, more on the levels of soul groupings (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), as well as other topics.

Michael’s third book, “Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression,” was published in 2004. Dr. Newton in this book reveals his step-by-step methods. Directed to both hypnosis professionals and the general public, this book discusses the methods, processes, and ‘how to’ of a pioneer in spiritual discovery.

All of Dr. Newton’s books are understandable and very well written. We highly recommend them!

Dr. Brian Weiss

Dr. Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist, hynotherapist, and author of several books. He also specializes in past life regression, and his research includes reincarnation and survival of the human soul after death.

Dr. Weiss happened upon this world of other soul realities when one of his hypnotized patients, “Catherine,” began recalling past-life traumas. He was astonished and skeptical, but what was related seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. His skepticism lessened though as she also channeled messages to Dr. Weiss about his deceased son. Dr. Weiss did not believe in reincarnation at that time, but after confirming some of Catherine’s stories through public records, he became convinced of the survival of the human personality after death. Using the past-life information she provided, he was able to cure his patient. For him, it propelled him in pursuit of a new phase in his career! His story of Catherine and the past-life therapy that changed both of their lives is told in the book, “Many Lives, Many Masters.” A must read!

Some of Dr. Weiss other Books:

“Only Love is Real:” A story of soulmates reunited. A story of lovers brought together once again.

“Messages from the Masters:” A spiritual guidebook based on many of Dr. Weiss cases as well as the wisdom imparted by spirit
guides known as the masters.

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