Elliptigo SUB (Stand-Up-Bike)

Are you looking for a fun way to stay in shape? Do you like to be outdoors in the fresh air? Stand up exercise machines such as gym elliptical machines, stair stepper machines, etc., provide very good exercise but you’re not outside. Instead, you are inside and stationary, probably looking out a window or watching a TV monitor. Pretty boring! Click on either of the photos below to see a video presentation of the outdoor alternative (Stand-Up-Bike)!

Elliptigo SUB Left Photo

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Elliptigo SUB Right Photo

Elliptigo SUB Right Photo

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ElliptiGo SUB

New to the market is a stand-up-bike made by Elliptigo called the Elliptigo SUB! It offers the benefits of a full body workout and really engages your core muscles! Additionally, the exercise is weight bearing (good for your bone density), offers low-impact motion that is easy on your joints, the SUB is comfortable to ride with its running and cycling like motion, all with proven bicycle technology that is easily serviced by bicycle shops! You can watch a video on how to ride the Elliptigo SUB by clicking <How to Ride the Elliptigo Sub>!

Having ridden the Elliptigo SUB, we can say that it really is fun to ride! Getting the feel for balance comes pretty quickly and you soon learn to ride with ease. With eight gears available, you can ride on pretty much any terrain elevation, though you do want to ride on paved streets and trails. Gear shifting is easily accomplished while riding, and is smooth and seamless. The Elliptigo SUB comes with 20″ x 1 1/2″ tires. You can purchase your Elliptigo SUB online at Elliptigo.com or at a participating Elliptigo dealer.

If you do purchase one, and we highly recommend you do for the exercise and fun factor, you will need to purchase a water bottle holder to mount on your handle bar stem (the SUB doesn’t include a water bottle holder). The one we use, and like very much, can be purchased via Amazon.com — the following Topeak links are what to get! Easy to install and very nice!

Happy Cycling!!

Remember to always wear a helmet when riding!

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