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Dolores Cannon and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT):

Known around the world, Dolores Cannon was a hypnotherapist who specialized in past-life regressions and the healing of her client’s mind and body using the power of the subconscious mind. She was a prolific writer and accumulator of “lost knowledge” that was imparted to her by her hypnotized clients.

Born in 1931 in St. Louis, Missouri, she later married her husband, Johnny, in 1951. Johnny was a career US Navy man, and the two of them traveled the world on his various overseas assignments. Dolores and Johnny, at that time, were using simple hypnosis to eliminate undesirable habits such as smoking, or to lose weight.

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Dolores Cannon

Dolores’ use of hypnosis changed in 1968 when one of the naval base doctors asked Johnny and her to help one of his patients who was suffering from a nervous eating disorder. This patient was also very overweight, had high blood pressure, and suffered from kidney problems. The doctor was simply hoping that hypnosis could help his patient relax. Instead, the hypnosis sessions were Dolores’ first introduction to reincarnation. Halfway though the session, she (the client) began describing scenes from a past life as a flapper during the 1920’s while living in Chicago. Dolores and Johnny watched as she transformed into another personality having different vocal patterns and body mannerisms. They decided to play along in the session to see what they could find out. Over the course of several months, they regressed this woman through five separate and distinct lifetimes, even back to when she was created by God. This entire story and series of events is recounted in the first book Dolores wrote, “Five Lives Remembered.”

At the time of these sessions, past life regression was pretty much an unheard of topic. There was no New Age movement yet, and the Metaphysics genre was off in the future. Dolores and Johnny had to write their own set of rules and develop their own protocols and techniques. Not constrained by any outside source, such as by an established medical body, they were free to experiment as they saw as fit.

Unfortunately, later that year in 1968, Johnny was almost killed by a drunk driver in a terrible accident on his way to the Naval Base. His injuries confined him to a wheelchair for the remainder of his life as a partial amputee. Forced to retire on his military pension, Johnny, Dolores, and their four children moved to the hills of the Ozarks in the north western part of the state of Arkansas. During this time in their lives, Dolores’ put her interest in hypnosis and reincarnation on hold to focus on her husband and raising her children.

In the late 1970’s, after her children had grown up and left home, Dolores restarted practicing hypnosis again with clients. She was able to attract quite a diverse range of clients due to her willingness to take on any case, regardless of circumstances. The sessions she performed focused heavily on past lives and reincarnation. Always the gatherer of detailed information, Dolores had her clients describe their past lives including the food they ate, the clothes they wore, the language they spoke, the money they used, the jobs they held, their religious beliefs, the entertainment they enjoyed, the geographic scenery and topography where they lived, and society’s expectations of their behavior and lives. Dolores recorded all her sessions on tape so she could review and study the sessions she performed. Following the sessions, Dolores would diligently research the characteristics of life in the locations and time periods her clients spoke of in order to verify the authenticity of the lives related to her by her hypnotized clients.

After conducting thousands of sessions with clients from all walks of life, and verifying the recorded results of these past lives, Dolores concluded that her findings were genuine and that she was able to tap into a powerful source of information. She realized that the source of information she was receiving through her clients was from a more powerful and knowledgeable part of her clients’ selves that their conscious minds were unaware of. She decided to call this part of the mind the Subconscious (SC) Mind. She found that once contacted and communicated with, there was no question it could not answer about an individual’s current or past lives. Dolores over all these many sessions refined her hypnosis technique creating an induction method using the voice along with imagery and visualization. She used this hypnosis technique to directly contact and communicate with the client’s subconscious mind (SC) to gain answers to questions and also to provide the basis for instant healing. She called her technique, “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT),” which she went on to teach and share with thousands of practitioners worldwide. Although Dolores passed away in October of 2014, her practitioners continue the work, and her daughter, Julia, still trains others in the QHHT technique.

Topics Discussed and Books Written by Dolores Cannon:

Dolores client’s recall of past lives spawned the writing of many incredible books and the telling of many fascinating stories and events. In, “A Soul Remembers Hiroshima,” her client recalled under hypnosis a life as a Japanese man living in Hiroshima in 1945 when the atomic bomb was detonated over the city. It relates a shocking account from the perspective of a person who lived through the tragic event. In another book, “Jesus and the Essenes,” a client related a past life of a young man who was an Essene teacher of Jesus. Herein, was described Jesus’ personality, his background, and his life and times. Dolores also published, “They Walked With Jesus,” that described the past lives of two women who accompanied Jesus through different times of his life where they described him and his life experiences.

The topics of client sessions explored continued to expand with time, and Dolores wrote books about accounts of lives lived as extraterrestrials (ETs), and of the extraterrestrial origins of mankind. Her book, “Keepers of the Garden,” explains the extraterrestrial origins of mankind and described a group called ‘The Council,” who have been in contact with humanity from the beginning. In the 1980’s, Dolores regressed a woman who described a life as a student of French prophet, Michel De Nostradame (Nostradamus). Midway through the session, her personality took a backseat and Nostradamus himself began speaking through her to Dolores. He told Dolores that he wanted her to write a book to provide humanity with greater understanding of his quatrains (prophecies). That book became one of three she wrote about Nostradumus and his quatrains.

Dolores began to realize after more than 30 years of investigation into her client’s regressions, the information was too broad and diverse to write separate books on each topic. She then decided to publish her findings in a series of books entitiled, “The Convoluted Universe.” Currently, there are 5 volumes (separate books) of The Convoluted Universe. Topics covered include the power of the human mind and what consciousness really is, parallel universes, alternative realities, lost civilizations, lives of clients regressed who lived on other planets, beings of light and energy, and most fascinating, the story of Earth’s ascension with the separation of the new and old Earth, and of three waves of volunteers who have come to assist with raising the frequency of humanity and transistion into the New Earth.

Earth's Ascension
Earth's Ascension

Earth’s Ascension

The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth:

In her books, “The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth,” and “The Convoluted Universe, Book Three,” Dolores writes about learning of a separation into two Earths. Changes are coming that are going to cause a separation into two Earths — The Old 3D Earth, and the New 5D Earth.

Many of Dolores client’s sessions described a call that went out for volunteers to help Earth as a result of the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII. These volunteers have incarnated with the intention of helping humanity raise its vibration in the process of ascension. These volunteers Dolores grouped into three groups: The first wave of volunteers that came were the “way showers” who are now in their 40’s to 60’s; The second wave act as “antennas of energy” and simply exist to affect those around them in a positive way and are in their 20’s and 30’s; The third wave of volunteers are children and young people with incredible talents and abilities, who will change the world. They have the ability to help humanity complete the transition that lies ahead.

Dolores relates all will have an opportunity to go to the New Earth, however, souls will stay with the world that holds their level of vibration. The new energies will only be livable for those who have worked their energy up to that vibrational level. The New Earth will be a ‘service to others’ dimension and energy. A place of incredible beauty, peace, love, harmony, and light! The Old Earth will remain 3D with the lower energies of others who are primarily stuck in the ‘service to self’ state of consciousness. A place as we are in today, with beauty, but also of struggle, greed, turmoil, survival, and self-interest.

According to Dolores, there are two things that you must let go of in order to move to the New Earth. The first is fear. It must be released or it will hold you to the Old Earth. The second thing Dolores says you must let go of is karma. We accumulate karma through our many lifetimes, often with the same people, repeating the same mistakes. You have to forgive others and yourself, or you will have to stay with the Old Earth and go through it all again. That is how the law of karma works. Is that what you want? Dolores provides an exercise in her book that she says you can use to release karma.

Dolores also writes, about the transition to the New Earth, that much turbulence is coming very soon, all to the Old Earth. The chaos has just begun. The causes of the chaos will be by natural and man-made means. Some will be caused by those in power who are making every effort to maintain control and keep the status quo. They feel that they may be able to slow down or even stop the process by maintaining a low vibration and by keeping fear alive. The tools of fear, used by those in control, include war, terrorism, economic hardship, spread of diseases, forced vaccinations and relinquishing of basic human rights, false flag events, and movies with topics depicting murder, greed, betrayal, and other immoral activities. This tends to keep people’s consciousness focused on negativity, as opposed to the media portraying images of hope and inspiration.

This is the time of transformation, whose outcome has been prophesied by many says Dolores. The shock to the unprepared consciousness of people, of the governments crumbling, of economic collapse, of natural disasters, of disclosure of ETs, of religious beliefs that cannot explain a once structured life, will leave people with nothing to cling to, leading to great fear. It is at that time where those who understand the times and events occurring can be of most service to those in need of hope and understanding. Hopefully, you are one of those people who can be of service to others.

If you find Dolores’ work interesting and worthy of more investigation, we encourage you to read her books. If you are interested in undergoing a facilitated QHHT session, or learning QHHT, you can visit the following website to learn more about how the sessions are conducted and to find a qualified QHHT session facilitator.

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